Awesome music “tool”

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Alright, so I found this little gem over the weekend and it honestly has kept me entertained for hours.  It’s not really a “game” per se, but more of an interactive music creation tool.  So it starts out as just a grid of gray squares.  Click on a square to “activate” it.  An invisible, vertical line passes through the page “playing” each note (square) as it passes, creating a loop of music.  The more music inclined user might want to formulate an actual loop of music with purpose, but honestly you can more or less just click random squares and it will make a nice little jingle.  It’s honestly a lot of fun and a good way to pass a couple minutes.  Horizontally there is no difference between notes, though the higher they are the higher pitch they will be and vice versa.  Have some fun with it!

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