All 493 Pokemon remade into anime girls

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An unknown and very talented artist has redrawn all 493 (this is not including the ones in Pokemon Black or White as it is not yet localized for the west) pokemon as cosplaying girls.  Thats quite an astounding feat that must have taken days if not weeks or months to do this, I honestly can’t imagine the amount of time and effort that went into this.  I can’t even draw one of these, let alone almost FIVE HUNDRED.

Click here to see the full image, but know that it is LARGE.  The artist takes on a pretty cool style, making it so that pokemon who evolve have the girls age through the evolution process, e.g. charmander=little girl, charmeleon=teenager, charizard=adult.  Once again, at the time of posting this the author is unknown, though chances are they are Japanese.  Hopefully somebody discovers who it is so we can see what other awesome things they have created.

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