Zumba Fitness Gets a Launch Trailer…

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For all of you looking for the perfect game to go with your Kinect, Wii, or PSMove, Zumba Fitness is now available. The Zumba fitness program has been a huge hit all over the world and the game looks to be a solid title for anyone looking to shed some pounds while having some fun at the same time.

With nine dance styles and 30 routines in the mix, Zumba Fitness fully utilizes the motion controls and is also designed by the the creator of Zumba, Beto, and his core group of celebrity instructors. The launch trailer does a great job of showing how intense the dancing and workout sessions can be and the game is looking to already be one of the biggest workout titles of the year so it should make the perfect stocking stuffer for anyone wanting to join the craze. Check out the new launch trailer below and for more information, check out the official website at zumbafitnessgame.com.

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