Real Racing 2 to hit the App Store on the 16th!

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The peoples at Firemint’s office have been working very hard to finalize the sequel to their popular car racing game. Thanks to them, the release date has finally been set; it will be out on the App Store at approximately 5 days from now. The game will be priced at US$ 9.99/ £5.99 / AU$12.99, featuring as many as 30 licensed cars, with up to 16-players online multiplayer racing. It’s  just simply too awesome that I shall repeat that again, it’s sixteen. Not five, not ten, but SIXTEEN. That is like one and a half football team. You can now race against 15 other players online, and we actually thought that 10 people on multiplayer are the maximum we could go on the iOS devices few months ago (Remember Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus?). 5 days is a long wait, so I’m going to give you a video trailer to watch and some in-game screenshots for you to drool at. Enjoy!

Real Racing 2 features include:

This is Joey here, a female gamer from Malaysia.

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