New DiRT 3 trailer goes Gymkhana

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This latest video from the sequel to Colin McRae DiRT 2 shows some virtual recreation of the Gymkhana – a new rally-racing turned street-racing stunt driving discipline, in which you display your amazing control of the car through the showcase of some impressive manoeuvres.

This has been recreated in DiRT 3 in this trailer, and shows not only a robust build of the game running very fluidly, but some accurately fine-tuned handling.  The person putting on the show must have had a lot of practice, and I’m sure that instead of a one long, fluid run, they resorted to pieceing together clips of each section of the routine. Either way, it is a good display of control in this new game-mode of Gymkhana, and although it’s still going to be while for before DiRT 3 comes out, it shows Codemasters aren’t resting on their laurels and are actually building on its predecessor with new features.

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