Mario Sports Mix Gets a New Trailer…

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Mario Sports Mix may still be a couple months away, but Nintendo seem to be as ready as ever for their newest title to hit shelves as the company released a brand new trailer on the official Nintendo of America Twitter earlier today. As most of you know by now the title being developed by Square-Enix & Nintendo will feature all of your favorite characters such as Mario, Peach, Luigi and more from the Mario side as well as characters from Square titles like Final Fantasy & Dragon Quest such as Slimes, White and Black Mages and quite a few more (to see the full list, click this link).

Now the trailer doesn’t show off too much new, but we do get a chance to see some of the basketball/volleyball/dodgeball matches in action and honestly, everything is looking spectacular. So go ahead and check out the trailer below and we will keep you updated with more Mario Sports Mix news and tidbits we grow closer to the release date.

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