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Exchange your Cube Points for Donations towards the Humble Indie Bundle 2

We here at Capsule Computers love video games, but we also love the opportunity to give donations to a good cause while receiving video games in exchange.

Travis wrote about the humble indie bundle right here, and I assume you all know what it is by now. If not, I suggest to read up on it real quick.

With this promotion and a few comments from you guys on our original post about it, we came up with a pretty good idea:
“How about we let you exchange your cube points* for an equivalent amount of cash donated to the promotion.”

If for some reason your funds are depleted, don’t have a paypal account, or aren’t old enough to have either of the previous this a perfect way to donate to a good cause and even receive the humble indie bundle 2 at the same time.

With the handy gift feature on this bundle, we are able to take some cube points from you and then donate an equivalent amount of cash from our funds to the promotion. The gift link** we receive will come straight back to you for you to redeem and enjoy. All with the knowledge that you helped a good cause.

If you are interested in exchanging some of your cube points for this good cause, send an email to [email protected] with the subject “Humble Indie Bundle“. In the body of the email, make sure to include the amount of points you want to donate towards this good cause, a minimum of 200 please (we don’t want to be flooded with people just making an account and getting the 100 free points to put towards this, they will have to comment a bit to get some more points); however, there is no max and the more you offer up the more we will donate to the promotion while you get your gift link. You will receive an email within 3 days with the link to where you can redeem the Humble Indie Bundle.

Since the Humble Indie Bundle Promotion only lasts for another 5 days, we will only continue to accept your cube points for about 3 to 4 days to make sure we can get all the requests in.

On top of this, if you have no points to offer you can leave a comment explaining why you believe these promotions for good causes are awesome. At the end of the 4 days we will randomly select one comment and donate a sum of money to the promotion in exchange for a humble indie bundle for that commenter. If you exchanged cube points for the bundle already, feel free to comment as well anyway. The more comments we get, the more the final donation will be and if you get picked again you have another bundle to give to a friend.

We are no longer accepting exchanges. We thank those who took part in this promotion and I’m sure the charities thank you for exchanging your cube points towards this good cause as well.

*If you don’t know what cube points are, click this link.

**The gift link is actually a specially designated URL that you go to and type your email address into. You will then receive a link in your email to the location of where you can download the specific Humble Indie Bundle. It is just how they have the gift setting set up.