ESRB classifies Hyperdimension Neptunia with an interesting rating description

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You know it must be a pretty interesting job to work at the ESRB. The ESRB for those who don’t know are the people who place ratings on all of the games people play in the US so that players will no roughly what type of content is within the game. The ESRB gets a chance to preview every single game that comes out as they have to give them each classifications and descriptions so that they can even be released.

But what about those games that are out of the norm. Sure there are countless sports games and action games that pass through the ESRB’s doors, but what do they have to say about a game like Hyperdimension Neptunia? The ESRB has released their description and rating for NIS America’s upcoming JRPG localization Hyperdimension Neptunia (T for Teen) and you can find the full description below.

This is a role-playing game in which players control a young goddess trying to unite other goddesses to fight evil forces. Players engage in turn-based battles and use swords, claws, over-sized syringes, and colorful light attacks to fight fantastical enemies (e.g., robots, bats, blob-like monsters); damage is indicated by the loss of hit points. Some goddess characters are depicted in low-cut outfits that expose a lot of cleavage; a photo gallery also contains images of female characters in revealing outfits (e.g., tops that barely cover characters’ breasts). Dialogue frequently references characters’ breasts (e.g., “Hey, don’t grab someone’s breasts from behind,” “One grope of Compa’s left boob and we’ll call it even,” and “Where are your two slutty girlfriends?”). In one cutscene, there is an extended reference to bathroom humor (e.g., “I’m all outta TP . . . can you leave me a roll by the door?” and “Man, that was a doozy . . . I dropped a pound. I hope Iffy won’t be too mad about the clog.”). The words “sh*t,” “t*t,” and “b*tch” appear in the dialogue.

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