Call Of Duty Black Ops QUAD KILL !!! ZOMG !!!

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Thats right ladies and gentlemen, don’t adjust your monitors your eyes are not playing silly buggers with you. What you see in the image above and the video below is an amazing and VERY FLUKEY grenade QUAD KILL by MasterAbbott’s partner in crime the super cool, ultra l33t and now “LEGEND in his own mind” the one and only DURAROC !!

Playing a normal game of Domination tonight on Launch, everything was going quite smoothly, MasterAbbott was getting pwned, Kingroc69 was stealing care packages, Ix Rock xI was camping his little heart out and the man DURAROC – who’s now Prestige 3 – level 20 decided to make history … Running towards the enemies domination post, Duraroc let’s a grenade fly over in that direction… then all we hear is a loud noise and BAM !! 4 KILLS appear on the screen at the same time !!

The crowd goes wild, MasterAbbott jumps for joy, Kingroc69 screams out “That’s HOW WE DO IT FELLA’s” and Ix Rock XI just keeps on camping as he’s on the other side of map waiting for someone to kill. After the match Duraroc disappears and posts the video your about to see below for the world world to see !!

Check it out and let us know what you think !! 🙂 If you’ve done better, share it with us .. but for now let’s not take the 15mins of fame away from good ole Duraroc !! HE DESERVES IT !! Well done mate !!

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