Ghost Trick gets a Flash Demo and a New Trailer…

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In just a little over a month, Capcom’s latest title, Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective will finally be available for the Nintendo DS. I have already mentioned in the past how awesome this game is shaping up to be, but now Nintendo and Capcom want you to try it out for yourself with a new flash based browser demo which can be accessed at Nintendo EU’s official site by clicking here. Now the demo is a bit more of a tutorial mode so to speak for the game, but it does a great job at showing how the gameplay will work out as well as shedding some light on the story players can expect.

As well as a demo, a new video as also risen showing off yet another scene from the game where we see Sissel trying to solve the untimely death of a middle aged man by possessing the objects in the area and turning back time to find out exactly went wrong. You can check out that video as well as 15 new screenshots and character art below and keep checking back in the future for even more updates on Ghost Trick as we grow close to the January 14th release date.

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