WiiWare/DSiWare releases for this week ending 19th November

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Here are the week’s WiiWare and DSiWare releases:

  • Bit. Trip Fate (WiiWare: Gaijin Games, 800 Wii Points)
  • Supermarket Mania (DSiWare: G5, 500 DSi Points)
  • Nintendo’s Countdown Calendar (DSiWare: Nintendo: 200 DSi Points)
  • Ivy The Kiwi? Mini (DSiWare: Prope, 500 DSi Points)

The eagerly anticipated Bit. Trip Fate has finally made it onto the European Wii Shop Channel, and as you can imagine, is the highlight of the Nintendo downloads for this week, as I’m sure it is for most other users of the service. It’s been a while coming but if Gaijin Games’ other Bit. Trip titles are anything to go by, this should be another stellar effort, and well worth the 800 Wii Point price tag.

There is also an app-style release from Nintedo on the DSi, Nintendo’s Countdown Calendar, which is an interactive virtual calender for you to input various dates that are important to you. Having a calender on their DS may appeal to some, so if this interests you, it’s only 200 DSi Points which is reasonable.

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