Two Worlds II trailer skewers an Orc

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A lot can happen over the years and boy do things improve at the same time. We have a brand new trailer for Two Worlds II from Southpeak and Topware and it is looking great to say the least. There’s plenty of action going on between humans and orcs murdering each other on a battlefield. There is even an intense battle between a head orc and someone who appears to be Sordohan. That is until he starts to lose the battle and the big guy up upon the hill decides to summon spikes on the battlefield and punch a hole through that orc’s chest.

Two Worlds II is coming out some point in January of 2011 for the 360, PS3, and PC so better hurry up and finish all the other games in your library before the New Year rolls around because it looks like fans of 3rd person adventures are going to have their hands full of action when this one hits shelves.

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