Super Meat Boy slices some DLC

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Have you played Super Meat Boy recently?  You may very well want to do so if you have not.  Today, the developers behind the game (aka Team Meat) released a free DLC pack that tells the story of Gish.  If you bought the game, you must unlock “teh internetz” by collecting 20 bandages.  You can then play the add on called “Sewers of Dross.”

Keep in mind that this is the first of many similar packs to come along for the game, so keep trying to beat every level so you won’t get too far behind when they release the next pack.  Team Meat says that these packs, “allow us to make chapters that no other character could beat except the one in question, a very fun restriction that allows us to make totally fresh levels that almost make the game feel like a whole new platformer.”

Source: Team Meat

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