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Next Few Weeks of XBLA

There isn’t much detail in the most recent schedule release from Microsoft, but there is enough information for you guys to set some money aside for the titles you want. Below you can check out the games and DLC coming out in the next 3 weeks. Not much I know, but I’m sure your money is going to some more expensive “Controllerless” items for now.

Xbox Live Arcade

Undergarden – 10th Nov
Faery Arcade – 10th Nov
Days of Thunder – 17th Nov
Trouble Witches – 17th Nov
Crazy Taxi – 24th Nov

Key DLC Dates

Castlevania HD – Add-Ons: Music Pack 2 – 10th Nov
Crackdown 2: Deluge Add-On – 16th Nov
Mafia 2: Joe’s Adventure – 23rd Nov
Halo: Reach Noble Map Pack – 30th Nov