New Cinematic Trailer arises for Conduit 2…

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If you have been following any coverage for the followup to High Voltage and Sega’s The Conduit, Conduit 2, then you know the gameplay is shaping up and looking quite impressive. One thing which not too much light has been shed on though is the story of the game. A new trailer was recently released by Sega is now out and shows off the story more like a cinematic trailer. Along with high quality visuals and audio, the trailer shows Michael Ford as he crosses through a conduit and is being congratulated for “doing what needed to be done” by an eerily voiced AI.

I can’t wait to try this one out as Conduit 2 is showing more and more promise with each passing day. The release as shown in the trailer is February of 2011 but you can check out the trailer below and check back here are well for even more news for Conduit 2 as we hear it.

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