Latest Donkey Kong Country Returns trailer swings into view

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Nintendo have put up a new Donkey Kong Country Returns trailer, showcasing just over a minutes worth of solid chest-bashing, vine-swinging, banana-grabbing gameplay. As you will see the game is looking absolutely fantastic, seemingly possessing the fluid gameplay of its predecessors that many gamers fell in love with in the past. It looks like the game will be accessible to all  (like most of Nintendo’s games in recent years) with the vibrant graphical style and simple platforming, while still offering the challenging aspects of the SNES-era games that more dedicated players thoroughly covet.

The trailers crams in a variety of sections of the game, giving you a well-rounded impression of what to expect when it releases: Rambi the Rhino, Diddy Kong, Mine Cart antics and the game’s first boss. It all gets a look-in.

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