GT5 Patch December 1- Adds damage modelling

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So 2 days after the Nov 24th launch, have you already had enough of GT5? No, then this patch might be for you. Excuse our English, because we have another translated piece of news all the way from Germany.

From what we can tell, the patch on December 1 will basically add damage modelling to all vehicles in the arcade mode outright, including engine damage and addresses an issue with the front and left axel that would cause the car to pull left  more and roll. It sounds all very specific but  also very much like GT5 is getting supported, very well. It will not effect graphics per say, except to fix some clipping issues.

“The physical damage modeling in GT5 is released from currently Level 20. In addition, the Gran Turismo 5 Patch physical damage such as problems with the front axle, which can roll the vehicle to the right or left, bring. Even the players had after installing the patch, the GT5-way engine damage or total one-issue, respectively.”

Other patches are incoming from Polyphony Digital before Christmas.

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