Dynasty Warriors 7 will come to 360 overseas

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Back when Dynasty Warriors 7 was first announced by Koei the game was listed as a PS3 exclusive inside of Japan. That will not be the case however as Koei announed today that once the game travels overseas to the US and Europe there will be two versions, one for the Xbox 360 and another for the PS3.

This version of Dynasty Warriors will bring the storyline beyond it’s usual limits and include the Jin Dynasty and introduce even more new warriors to the already huge roster.  There will also be PS Move support and 3D support, though there has yet to be any news of Kinect support if any.  No real news yet about an exact release date for the game beyond Spring 2011, but those who love hack and slash and killing thousands of enemies on one battlefield should be excited to hear that it will not be an exclusive anymore.

Source: Koei Warriors

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