Bungie still wants you! – Beta testers needed

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So as the bombs fly over in Korea, another kinds of world domination is afoot with Bungie Activision wanting you! to help them come ever closer to their goal of  ‘taking over the world’. Yes, their next big thing in under way and Beta testers are required as soon as possible.

All that’s required is that you dust off those Bungie.net accounts we all know you secretly keep under your hats (it’s the Playstation players dirty little secret) and check in with a valid email address. There is an option to be notified of any potential beta positions under ‘edit profile’

“Making great games is no small endeavour,” reads the post over on Bungie.net. “Today we ask you, our community, to officially put your name on the list of those willing to lend a helping hand. Service requires only a Bungie.net account and a valid email address.”

“Not all who enlist will be selected,” the post continues. “But hundreds of thousands of gamers will likely be needed before all is said and done. March with us, and together, we will bask in the glory of World Domination.”

Bungie also has a slew of jobs apparently up for grabs as well, that is if you have the credentials (and sheer talent ) to back it up so it might be time to stop pretending you never played Halo and go check it out.

– Enlist today. Spartans, roll out –

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