WiiWare/DSiWare Releases For This Week Ending 8th October

News DS Wii

  • Fenimore Fillmore “The Westerner” (WiiWare: Revistronic, 1000 Wii points)
  • Rival Turf! (Virtual Console: Jaleco, 800 Wii points)
  • Match Up! (DSiWare: Digital Leisure, 200 DSi points)
  • Thorium Wars (DSiWare: Big John Games, 800 DSi points)
  • Datamine (DSiWare: Enjoy Gaming, 500 DSi points)

So that’s all for this week. Anyone interested? It’s not the best week of Nintendo downloads, it has to be said. Among this week’s 5 releases are Fenimore Fillmore “The Westerner”, the revival of a ten-year-old PC game, and Rival Turf! for the Virtual Console, a side scrolling beat ’em up originally seen on the SNES.

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