Tony Hawk Shred on the Today Show

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Tony Hawk Ride

Dreams are awesome.  They inspire and motivate.  Tony Hawk fulfilled his dreams, and he wants to share how he did it.  Also,  Al Roker is riding a fake skateboard.  Shred actually looks pretty cool and it looks like maybe there is avatar support, not to mention improvements to last year’s Tony Hawk game.  Tony Hawk: Shred releases on Xbox 360, Wii and PS3 October 26, 2010.  It will include snowboarding and skateboarding all in one rad package.  Does Al fall?  How many copies did Ride really sell? Is the sequel still $120?  All will be revealed if you watch this video (except that last bit.  Shred costs a measly $100.)  Hopefully Shred can persuade me to like it this year.

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