To Aru Majutsu no Index II Episode 2

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So we begin this episode not in Japan, but in the streets of London. We join Laura Stuart, Archbishop of the Catholic Church in midst conversation with our good friend Stiyl. Laura tells Stiyl about the fact that a dangerous book has been stolen, called the Liber Al vel Legis has been stolen, along with the only nun who can translate it. The reason that this is a problem however is that the constents of this book can give the owner powers rival to God’s own.

Laura tells Stiyl that she believes the Amakusa Catholics were responsible for the theft. And therefore believes that the missing Kanzaki is involved as she originates from the Amakusa. Before I go further, yes both of these things are real in life, though the book obviously doesn’t contain such powers. She appoints Stiyl to use any means necessary to retrieve the book, which has somehow made its way to Japan.

We then join Index in a discussion with Maika, a maid in training that is sitting upon a spinning garbage robot. As they are talking and Maika idly spins in circles they discuss the fact that Index is bored and that she is interested in becoming a maid, despite the fact that Index has no housework skills at all. That is all ended however when Stiyl shows up behind Index and kidnaps her yet again.

Unaware of his friend’s plight, Touma is on his way home and reading a flyer about a sports event for the inhabitants of Academy City. He then reminds viewers that he has lost his memories during the first Season and doesn’t remember anything about the event ever happening before. Though considering the fact that he has hidden it from all of his friends well enough that they believe he is still with all of his memories.

Though upon returning home he hears Maika yelling his name only to find that Stiyl left a note to meet him outside of Academy City and that he has Index. Not worried at all Touma heads out to meet him. On his way however he finds a lost nun and decides that he will help her find her way, but only after he goes and finds Index.

All the while though Stiyl and Index meet with Anieze of the Battle Nuns. Index explains that the Amakusa magicians are amazing at stealth magic and can perform it with normal items that don’t appear out of place to the common observer. Because of this they are difficult to track. After this bit of exposition, Touma shows up along with the Nun he has with him. Stiyl tells him that the Nun is in fact the missing woman who can translate the Liber Al vel Legis, Aquinas. Stiyl then tells Touma he already completed the task he had for him and he can leave, along with Index.

Obviously Touma is very angry at Stiyl for calling him out for no reason and they argue, leading to an interruption from a floating ball that is broadcasting an Amakusa magic users voice. They then open a small hole in the ground and kidnap Aquinas before anyone can stop them. Though Index quickly tells the group that the only way the Amakusa can escape is through a very specific portal at a specific time which makes tracking them a piece of cake.

So the group of a hundred battle nuns gather and prepare for a fight, though as the battle is tomorrow everyone sets up tents in preparation for the battle. All the while however Touma is introduced to Anieze, or at least to her underwear. Anieze turns out to be a very clumsy nun, and walking around on platform shoes that add 12 inches to her height makes it all the worse. So Anieze falls over and Touma, in an attempt to catch her, instead falls into the bottom of her robes.

To make things even worse, after this incident Touma is walking around the camp looking for Index who has disappeared only to hear a scream coming from a large tent. Thinking that someone is under attack from the Amakusa, Touma rushes in only to be met with a naked Anieze who clings to him and screams at a slug on the wall. Yes this is the fan-service part of the show ladies and gentlemen.

Then as Anieze passes out on his leg, Touma sees Index also naked in the shower. She starts crying as Touma notices that all of the Nuns are behind him and seeing the fact he barged into the shower on the two girls. Index then delivers her classic bites to Touma’s face and he is kicked back into his tent.

Inside the tent however Touma discusses with Stiyl that Kanzaki may be involved in all of this. But Stiyl vows that he would do anything, kill anyone, or burn anyone that he had to to protect Index. This means that if he has to, he will destroy even Kanzaki his long time partner.

Once everyone falls asleep though, Touma is awakened by something moving under his covers in the tent. Thinking Stiyle is messing with him, he looks over to see him sleeping too. Instead it turns out to be Anieze yet again, sleep walking and hugging him, as well as a sleep walking Index intent on chomping down yet again on the poor man.

After this we flash to the enemy leader who looks extremely like Mugen from Samurai Champloo. The leader of the group says that it is time to show Kanzaki his power, which shows that Kanzaki isn’t guilty of assisting the group. Though it is still odd that she destroyed the knights from England then.

Well, first the different scenes of fan-service are actually parts of the story. In the Light Novels all of the various bits happen to emphasize the fact that Anieze is a klutz character and to provide a bit of levity to what will happen in the next episode. We are treated to what looks like the beginning of a large scale battle between Touma and the Battle Nuns against the Amakusa Catholics.

We are also introduced into the major conflict for this Arc and everything has been explained, so now it is time for the action scenes that fans of the series loved. The fact that JC Staff has also put more money into the animation and drawing of the second season will hopefully make the battle scenes all the more memorable.

After playing games since a young age and getting into anime a bit later on its been time to write about a little bit of everything.

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