Katamari Damacy creator starts new company – Uvula


As some of you may have heard, famed director of Katamari Damacy, Keita Takahashi, left Namco a little while ago.  I, myself, was a bit dismayed at this fact as I am quite the fan of the Katamari Damacy series and its signature level of Japanese crazysauce.  Fortunately enough, however, Takahashi (and his wife) has uneviled a new company via japanese (they have disjointed Engrish for us non-japanese folk) website, Uvula.  Quite the weird name, but one wouldn’t expect anything less from the creator of Katamari Damacy.  Instead of solely being a games company,  Uvula’s “About Us” page claims that it will be a coagulation of music and videogames.  One can only imagine what will come forth from this studio, especially if any indication is what you can find on the site’s “others” page which consists of presumably self made, functional works of art.  Just goes to show what a true visionary Keita Takahashi is.  Here’s to hoping that his next game is as good as his art is weird.

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