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Fantastic flash game – Small Worlds

Some of you may have actually played this, as it is about a year or two old.  Now I know that a flash game is something that generally doesn’t excite people.  In fact, you are probably reading this right now with a bored expression on your face thinking, “Really? A FLASH game?  This game better pay me thousands of dollars if this guy is writing an article about it.” but trust me, this game is great.  For those of you who are advocates of the “games are art” notion, this game should interest you.  I’m not going to go terribly into detail so as to not ruin the experience, (as the game is short) but the game is pretty much entirely revolved around exploration and discovery.  The game’s art style is one of the big selling points here, being in a retro/minimalist look, your character is but 3 pixels.  To counter this the levels are, by comparison, massive.  It’s rare for me to care so much about a flash game, let alone at all, but I’ll be damned if a particular level in this didn’t unleash a deep, festering pool of nostalgia in me.  I wanted to just take a screenshot of each level as it was completed to show you the artistic/creative design that went into them, but that would destroy the experience.

This game was made by David Shute, who runs a blog with various other flash games.  This game has won various awards and has been praised by many, and rightfully so.  For those of you who haven’t experienced this yet, it only takes about 10-20 minutes to complete and once done you will be begging for more.  Click on over to David Shute’s site to play this indie gem.