Capcom Arcade coming to iPhone

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Capcom is releasing some of its classic arcade titles from the days of yore in the form of a downloadable game for the iPhone this November!  This will come in the form of 4 titles (at the start) with new ones released every month. 

The 4 starter titles are Ghouls ‘N Ghosts, Commandos, Street Fighter II and 1942.  What’s so amazing about this announcement is that the games will be totally free…with a catch.  They are free up until your 3rd life, requiring you to buy “tokens” with real money to continue playing, no price point has been given yet on how much these will cost.  You may also purchase the “cabinet” at a higher price to be able to play the game to your hearts content.  Fear not however, as Capcom will be replenishing tokens daily, allowing you to get that small fix if you are just content with that.

At launch, the games will not support online multiplayer or leaderboards, though Capcom says that there will be future updates to add these features.  I must say, this is quite the tempting offer, the ability to play some of Capcom’s iconic arcade titles on your Iphone…for free…with the addition of online sometime in the near future.  Sounds like I need to get myself an iPhone.

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