TGS 2010: New Kirby’s Epic Yarn Trailer

News TGS 2010 Platformer Wii Nintendo

This latest trailer fresh from the Tokyo Game Show displays some of Kirby’s yarn-related abilities and simultaneous co-op gameplay.

In this cute platformer you will be able to play through the entire adventure with a friend, but that’s not all the video reveals. It also shows all the imaginative power-ups you will be able to use in the game to overcome the various hurdles you encounter. Such as racing car Kirby, a speedy way to navigate your way through the level, or alarm clock Kirby, who can be seen waking up a hibernating bear in order to alter the shape of the floor.

As you can see, Kirby Epic Yarn features a creative and cutesy game-world reminiscent of a children’s story book, and will appeal to the whole family when it releases in 2011 for Wii.

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