New Trailer Released For Trackmania Wii!

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All of you racing fans that have been eagerly waiting for the heavily anticipated TrackMania Wii will be glad to know that the game launches tomorrow in Europe and in Decemeber for the U.S. Developer Focus Home have now released a brand new trailer for the title showing off some of the various tracks and fast paced gameplay.

If you have yet to hear about this title it is definitely one to look into as Trackmania promises over 200 tracks divided into six environments and numerous different modes of gameplay including race, platform, and even puzzle. I am really excited to try this one out myself to see how all of the game comes together as this may be this year’s big racer on the Wii. The game will also be compatible with The Wii Racing wheel, Gamepad, or standard Wii-Mote and nunchuck. Check out the brand new clip below.

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