Monster Hunter Tri – bundle restock

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For those of you who haven’t been witness to the greatness that is the Monster Hunter franchise or simply haven’t been able to get your hands on the game yet, Capcom has announced that the bundle, a copy of Monster Hunter Tri with a classic controller pro (by far the best way to play this game, as it has pretty sophisticated controls) is back in stock.  Not only that, but with a cheaper price tag of only $50, or even $40 at Amazon!  For those astute bargain hunters out there, a classic controller pro goes for $20, the game can run from $30 to $50, that’s quite the savings.

This bundle should be back in stock right now at Gamestop, Amazon and Best Buy.  If you missed the opportunity to get this thrifty bundle (which almost immediately sold out during release), now’s your chance to get it again.  If you already have the game, try convincing a friend to pick it up, it’s no secret that Monster Hunter is best played with a friend.

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