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Bit.Trip Fate Coming This Autumn/Fall

Is there anything Aksys can’t do? Seeming not, as the Bit.Trip developers tackle another genre, with their latest instalment in the Bit.Trip series. Their latest project is called Bit.Trip Fate, and this time, is of the side scrolling shooter genre. It follows on from their last release, Bit.Trip Runner which was a rhythm-based platformer, as well as the other Bit.Trip titles of other genres too, showing the teams incredible talent for making games, and their diversity for adapting to different genres with pleasing results.

In this newest game, you’ll use the nunchuk to move the wii remote pointer to aim. Plus, characters from other games such as Super Meat Boy are set to make a guest appearance. Like previous efforts, the game will feature a dub-step sound track complimented chiptune sound effects, and if the other Bit.Trip games are anything to go by, should be an absolute classic.

It releases on WiiWare this Autumn/Fall, but for now here’s the trailer which gives the perfect insight of what is to come:

Jack Joly
Jack Joly
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