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Heavy Fire Leaderboard Competition Underway from Tenyon!

Just a bit of news to all of the Wii owners out there with Heavy Fire for the WiiWare download service. Developer Teyon has now announced that secret codes gained in the game to submit their best results to the world ranking. How to celebrate this news? With an awesome competition! 3 best scores and one randomly picked result will be rewarded with 2000 Wii Points coupon. So if you haven’t already, pick up the game and start aiming for the top.

Winners will be declared on September 1st, 2010. More info on the official website: http://www.heavy-fire.com/wii/competition/win-2000-wii-points-august/ and facebook page http://facebook.com/HeavyFireGame.

We also wrote a preview you can check out here. Heavy fire is only 500 Nintendo points so get in now and you could be a lucky winner!