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EA Sports sued by retired NFL players

There is some trouble afoot in EA Sports’ world, and it might hurt their pocket book extremely badly if it happens to go through. It just so happens that 6,000 different retired NFL players are suing the company for using their likenesses in Madden NFL 09. The head player at the helm of the lawsuit is ex-running back Tony Davis, who played for the Bengals and then the Buccaneers.

The lawsuit, which can be seen here courtesy of IGN; states that Madden willingly and intentionally used retired players’ likenesses in 09. The players would have their names removed from the jerseys and their original numbers changed, however there would be true to life NFL stats the players managed to achieve during their career. They also stated that the game was specifically designed so video game players will be able to tell exactly who they are playing as, regardless of the number change.

Travis Bruno
Travis Bruno
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