Tape It Or Die – Adventure Begins July 8th !!

Action News Adventure Capcom Xbox 360

In less than 2 hours.  Capcom fans around the world can begin their adventure … BUT WHAT ADVENTURE IS IT ??  All sorts of hints have been dropped .. STICKY.. was one of them… Well making my way over to the following website :


Did reveal a whole lot of sticky tape covering the screen.  Clicking on the tape I ripped it away to reveal another screen showing 4 characters in silhouette form.  All 4 of them with a little back story and stuff.  Images around the page showing signs and all sorts of hints .. What COULD THIS BE !! ??? !!

Sticky Tape EVERYWHERE all over the SCREEN !! RIP IT OFF !!

Click on the image to see these 4 mystery people a little closer 😉

I’m not going to tell you .. if you know already .. well that’s GREAT !! but for the rest of you the truth shall be revealed VERY soon !!


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