Secret Files: Tunguska Out Now for the DS and Wii

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Yesterday, Deep Silver proved to us that point-and-click Adventure games aren’t dead with the release of Secret Files: Tunguska.

In 1908, a mysterious explosion over Tunguska, Russia puzzled scientists. Today, the consensus is that a meteoriod exploded in the atmosphere, but perhaps it was actually something far more sinister. As Nina Kalenkov, a modern day Russian living in Berlin, searches for her missing father, she begins to uncover the extraordinary secrets of Tunguska.

Laden with puzzles, interactive environments, and multiple dialogue options, Secret Files: Tunguska promises to be one helluva ‘explosive’ game.

I feel dirty for having made that joke. I need to shower.

Anyway, stay tuned for an upcoming review by yours truly, and we’ll find out if the game is worthy of purchase.

Secret Files: Tunguska retails for about $20 US, and is rated T for Teen by the ESRB.

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