Pokemon Wi-Fi Event coming July 31st!

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One series I have never grew tired of is Pokemon, I will proudly say I have already banked 150+ hours into my copy of Soul Silver for the Nintendo DS. Some exciting news today has been released by Pokemon Company International and Nintendo today, all trainers will be with Pokemon Heart Gold or Soul Silver will be able to participate in a new Wi-Fi Event for a limited time.

Starting on July 31st, players will be able to download the Enigma Stone from over a Wi-Fi connection enabling an event which will let you catch the one of the two legendary Pokemon, Latias or Latios, each at level 40. Players will also get the Soul Dew, a held item that powers up the Special Attack and Special Defense of Latios and Latias. You must have beaten the elite four, gotten the national pokedex and have two or fewer Wonder Cards to participate in the event.

This event ends August 27th, so hurry before the the time is up to be one step closer to catching them all!

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