Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar Goes Gold!

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Natsume can now take a bow before the show. The soon to be released Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar has now went gold. Success is nothing new for the popular farming sim though, as the series has created well over 20 titles across 9 different platforms. With the recent interest in farming simulators in the gaming world, it is very easy to see as why the much loved series fans are hyped for the newest entry.

“Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar is one of the best Harvest Moon games yet,” said Hiro Maekawa, President and CEO of Natsume. “It’s got a ton of exciting new features including the ability to run your own shop, and a multiplayer mode the lets you invite friends to your farm! It also has a great story with an all-new cast of colorful characters!”

Features Include:

  • Invite friends to your farm in multiplayer mode!
  • Run your own shop! Choose what to sell, attract customers, and get top dollar for your goods!
  • Show off your skills in fun festivals like the horse race and snowboard competition!
  • Choose to play as a boy or as a girl!
  • Find love, get married, and start a family!

Zeypher’s Town bazaar, a once popular town is in shambles, it is up to the player to turn it around. Players must farm, craft rare delicacies and sell items in the town shop to turn the economy around. If you can bring prosperity back to the town, it’s bazaar will thrive once again, enabling the player to expand their farm even more.

Nintendo DS owners will be able to start their own farms on August 17th. Also, if you pre-order at GameStop, you will be able to take home a horse! Well, a limited edition plush horse anyway. For more information head to www.natsume.com.

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