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Fable 3 – new screenshots fresh outta’ Comic-Con

You’ll see lots of news these days, with Comic-Con officially opening it’s gates.

To get ahead of everybody else, and probably not to be overlooked in the following storm which will unleash info and screenshots about every game at Comic-Con, Microsoft and Lionhead Studios released 4 new screenshots from their upcoming game, Fable III.

If you’ve been a fan of the Fable series (like i am…BIG one), it seems like we’re in for a treat, once again. Originality has been Molyneux’s greatest asset in his games, and by the looks of it, Fable III will not lack any of the attributes that made the last games so great.

We’ll be wandering throughout Albion once more on October 26th (US) and October 29th (Europe), exclusively on Xbox360 and PC.