Deadliest Warrior – Avatar Awards

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I usually try to include the Avatar Award videos with the game that I am reviewing, but in the case of Deadliest Warrior the last avatar award glitched out on me.

I beat the game with every character on the deadliest setting and even unlocked the achievement for the Knight, Ninja, and Viking. I then wrote the review without an award video. After I wrote the review I proceeded to beat the game with every character for a second time on deadliest setting.

This second attempt didn’t work at all. I deleted the game and save file and replayed the entire thing again. Third time is the charm, and I finally unlocked the helmet.

Well, that is my story on how I finally got the helmet avatar award. Check out the awards in the video below.

The Review for Deadliest Warrior can be found here.

The video has been added to the Review as well.

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