Crackdown 2 Extras Difficulties are unlocking

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Can’t get enough of the Crackdown 2 Demo? You probably have had enough, and are just waiting for the full game now. Well, it is time to crank up the demo again and play the new difficulties that Ruffian Games has just unlocked in the demo.

Ruffian Games has unlocked ‘ruthless’ difficulty for you to play today. And then Thursday ‘psychotic’ difficulty will also be unlocked with ‘Sadistic’ unlocking on Friday according to more tweets. So, you can either play the 30 minutes demo each day on increasingly harder difficulties, or wait till friday and crank up the demo one more time to try the hardest difficulty they have to offer.

Go download the demo from the Xbox Live Marketplace now if you haven’t already.

Crackdown 2 is out on July 6th in the US, July 9th in the UK and Europe.

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