Clash of the Titans hits store shelves today

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Clash of the Titans the video game is now hitting shelves for the 360 and the PS3 today. I know this may seem like your standard movie game from the front, though there is one thing different about this one. Namco Bandai’s  release for this game coincides not with the release of the movie in theaters, but the release of the movie on DVD. This is a very good thing because most standard movie games feel rushed and incomplete due to trying to hit the release of the movie on the silver screen. But this time around the game has had the whole extra time between the transition to receive a sheen of polish.

Clash of the Titans will place the player against demigods and gods alike as they take control of Perseus. He seeks vengeance for his family that was killed by a god, and also attempts to understand how he too is a demigod. There will be many different landscapes for your adventuring pleasure, with over 80 different customizable sub-weapons and over 80 different creatures to destroy in your path for revenge.

Pick up Clash of the Titans: The Video Game at a store near you, or even better right here at

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