Capcom Announces Mega Man Universe

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Capcom have just announced  today that Mega Man Universe is coming to Xbox LIVE online entertainment network and PlayStation Store. Mega Man Universe, the latest entry in Capcom’s long-running Mega Man series, will be a revolutionary take on the seminal classic, setting course for a new chapter in classic gaming.Mega Man games are beloved by fans all over the world. Since their debut in 1987, Mega Man has remained a videogame icon, having starred in more than 140 titles over the last 22 years. The connection he’s made with pop culture at large has extended beyond games and into cartoons, toys, clothing, comics, kid’s meals, and more. Part of that popularity is driven by the series’ ability to evolve over time yet consistently retain the addictive gameplay experience that sets Mega Man games apart.We’ll keep you posted once we get more information from Capcom .. but for now just get excited 😉
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