Alan Wake Updated to 1250g

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The Signal, Alan Wake’s achievement list has been updated to 1250 points. It is now ready for “The Signal” DLC.

There isn’t much info on the DLC but you can speculate on the words of Oskari Häkkinen who stated, “The game add-ons aren’t telling more of the story, so to speak. It’ll give you a different perspective on the things you’ve done on season one and then trying to set you up for the possible things you’re going to do in season two.”

The Signal is available on July 27th for 560 Microsoft Points or free if you bought the game new.

Below are the achievements in the DLC. There are 8 achievements worth 250g. Remedy sure does like collection achievements. I just wish their was a better system that tells you how many there are left in each level rather then just how many total.

  • A Friend in Need – 25 – Special 1: Find someone to help you.
  • A Friend Indeed – 50 – Special 1: Follow the signal to its conclusion.
  • Fast and Furious – 25 – Special 1: Make it through the final battle in less than 1 minute and 30 seconds.
  • Words Will Never Harm You – 25 – Special 1: Trigger all of the furnaces in the basement.
  • Run-On Sentence – 50 – Special 1: Complete the episode without reloading the game or restarting a checkpoint.
  • License Revoked – 20 – Special 1: Complete the episode without using a single vehicle.
  • Tick Tock – 30 – Special 1: Discover 10 hidden alarm clocks.
  • Cardboard Companions – 25 – Special 1: Discover all of the cardboard standees.

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