What’s better … Android or Apple ?

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Well by the looks of it Android is way better than Apple. The guys over at MaximumPC.com have come up with a list of 10 reasons why Android is better.. Here they are .. lets count them down together shall we.

1: Android can Run Multiple Apps at the Same Time

2: Android Keeps Information Visible on Your Home Screen

3: Android Has a Better App Market

4: Android Gives You Better Notifications

5: Android Lets You Choose Your Hardware

6: Android Lets You Choose Your Carrier

7: Android Lets You Install Custom ROMs

8: Android Lets You Change Your Settings Faster

9: Android Does Google and Social Integration

10: Android Gives You More Options to Fit Your Budget

Ok now with the list out of the way it looks like Android is far more superior than Apple in many ways.  BUT, YES there is always a BUT.  As we cover everything that is Gaming over here at Capsule Computers,  I don’t see anything in the top 10 to do with GAMES … hmmm if we compare the iPhone to an Android phone with relation to gaming,  I think that the Apple Phone will win hands down.  Sure Android might have solitare and probably tetris HD … but still it can’t compare to the blockbuster titles that are on the Apple iPhone at the moment.

So remember there are always two sides to an arguement.  Of course Android outperforms Apple but then you have to sit down and think … Do you really need an Android phone if all you want to do is listen to music, watch movies and most of all play blockbuster games ?  … Probably not.

The choice is totally up to you and whatever you do we’ll support you 😉

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