Resident Evil the Maniac Mansion incident

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Have you ever wondered what would happen if Resident Evil collided with Maniac Mansion ? What sort of mayhem would this cause ? Would it rip apart the world we live in ?? Would it create a survival horror of 8 bit proportions – the likes of which no one has ever seen ?

Well it looks like our prayers have been answered.  Animator Major Neese has created a 4 part Resident Evil The Maniac Mansion Incident animation that pretty much covers the entire story to a tee of the first Resident Evil with the use of backgrounds and props and character models from Maniac Mansion.  If you’re a fan of either Resident Evil or Maniac Mansion, watching this is going to make you very happy indeed.

All 4 episodes are below.  Click on the play button and enjoy.

Episode 1 :

Episode 2:

Episode 3 :

Episode 4 : Finale


Make sure you check out Major Neese on his Youtube page.  Leave him a comment or two and also subscribe to his page .. who know other cool animations he might unleash upon the world

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  1. HAHA how awesome is that!!! Loved the videos

  2. Hi folks^^
    If you like it, check the new Episode:

    Part Zero “The Path of Major Neese”

    Thx for watching^^

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