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Unfortunately there is some bad news involving the new Slim Xbox 360s, they are still prone to a red light appearing.  What is better known now as a Red Dot of Death involves a warning though this time around.  The Red Ring of Death is no longer an issue in these new 360’s due to the fact that there no longer are red lights included in the ring.  But this issue seems to be less of a problem and more of a cautionary measure.

If the 360 detects that there is not enough ventilation getting to the unit through the fan slots, the message below will appear and warn the user that the 360 will shut down on its own to prevent failure.  This means that the system itself will shut down to prevent an overheating reaction, which could help prevent RdoD. Once the red dot stops flashing that means the system is cool enough to play again safely.

But what if your 360 is on the verge of always breaking, if the ventilation becomes a serious problem will the console always be in a state of automated shut down?  Plus what type of warning time is there for this shut down?  Looks like games that do not have autosave will require much more save time due to the fact your 360 could potentially shut itself down at any moment, such as RPGs or long boss battles.

One must notice though in the first picture, there is a bit of odd dust pattern there.  Plus I have a feeling that this could have been a deliberate act, to see if the new slim does have a failure point, and if so then what will happen when it does fail.  It’s entirely possible that the system itself was purposely overheated, though it did turn out an interesting result.
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