Play as the Locusts in Gears of War 3 Beast Mode

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What if you were on the opposite side of the spectrum in Gears of War 2’s horde mode? Epic Games will be bringing about that experience in the brand new online game mode called Beast Mode for Gears of War 3. Instead of playing as the fearless COG soldiers, you instead will be playing as the deadly Locusts. Not just normal Locusts either, you can play anywhere from a Bezerker with a shield, to the easy to kill but explosive Ticker.

Much like in horde mode you will have a selection of maps to choose from, but instead of fighting against waves of Locusts that come from all directions you will instead be trying to murder all of the COG soldiers that have barricaded and entrenched themselves against your assault.

What if your a Ticker though? Your job is basically a suicide bomber? Well that is all good as well because instead of having only one life, players will instead gain tokens for killing soldiers and then used to re-spawn when you die. Of course it means game over when you run out of tokens but that means all you have to do is kill more than you die.

Much like other popular online franchises though, you will not have full access to every class right off of the bat. Much like the class systems in Call of Duty, you will be able to select stronger versions of the Locust horde the higher level you will obtain. This means that at the start you will likely be playing as a normal grunt and a few of the weaker classes. Then while you level up you can instead gain access to the Bezerker, Cantus, and even a Blood Mount Rider.

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