Mega Words: Three popular word puzzles on the DSiWare

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Do you like word puzzles?

Digital Leisure announced this week the launch of Mega Words, a compilation of three of the most popular word puzzles designed exclusively for Nintendo’s DSiWare service.

With Mega Words you can play three classic puzzlers, Word Scrambler, Anagram Hunt and Hangman, all included in this puzzle pack.  Let Professor Lexis be your guide as you learn and discover new words and fun facts as you play. He’ll also keep track of all your gameplay statistics so you’ll be able to view all your wins or losses.

No need for erasers here! These portable editions feature extensive dictionaries to challenge both the novice and expert player. See how fast you can unscramble words, sharpen your vocabulary, and stretch your mind today with Mega Words!

Mega Words is  already available in North America for 500 Nintendo points.

Gaming is one of my favorite hobbies!

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