Marvel Ultimate Alliance DLC is coming back

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The Marvel Ultimate Alliance DLC which was taken off of the makerplace a while back for no apparent reason is coming back. Sadly, it is only coming back until the end of 2010. The DLC includes 250g, so if you want to get all the achievements in this game, you best grab this DLC while you can. They are hoping to get the DLC back on XBLA and PSN by July 4th. Fingers crossed that we can all grab it this time. Fingers doubly crossed that it goes on sale at the same time. Sadly there will not be a Golden Edition that has the DLC included, like they did with the first game.

This was confirmed by an admin on the MUA2 forums. Below you can see the post.

“So here is the news – and this is part of what was keeping me super busy behind the scenes – we did it!  We made our case (your fan support helped), begged, pleaded, cajoled and didn’t give up and were able to convince the ‘powers that be’ to bring MUA2 DLC back!!  This is really happening.  And you are the FIRST to know.

In terms of timing, now that it’s been approved, we need to coordinate to get this back up on Xbox Live and PSN.  I am hoping we can get this up on XBL before the 4th of July but that might be wishful thinking – we are trying.  As soon as I know definite timing, I will let you know.

And this is important – I want to make sure this is super clear from the beginning – all good things must come to an end and we are only allowed to have the MUA2 DLC back up through the end of 2010.  So there will be about a 6 month window to download the content again, and then it will be gone for good.  It’s not a strategy and not our choice, this is just what is allowed so I’m giving you all the advance notice I can.

On other questions… there’s not going to be a Gold Edition, but we are able to get the DLC content back via XBL and PSN.”


  1. if memory serves it got removed for legal reasons what those reasons were have eluded me but its cool its coming back i never really wanted to get it and i lent this game to a friend but its cool they are finally getting it back up for people who want it

  2. I hope they make the MUA 1 DLC available again. I don’t want to try and find a copy of the Gold edition.

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