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How about some brains for your cereal this morning good sir? Well that is what you will have to do with this new mutation mode coming up for L4D2. The only way to defeat the waves of undead is by destroying the brain with a headshot or a nice decapitating swing of your weapon. Bear in mind that blowing parts of their body off is still possible, however is not deadly.

Plus if you dislike Versus mode because of the Defibrillators then you will definitely like the fact that Valve has started to modify Versus mode. They have made it that Defibrillators are limited to one per map, plus there is a 25 point deduction for every defibrillator used, which can be a crucial loss of points in very competitive matches.

Health kits were modified to be less numerous, and what is called the dynamic Pill conversion has been removed. Before if the first team was injured during battle, the Director would give First Aid Kits instead of Pills for each team, instead it will only remain as Pills.

To top off the healing modifications the Jockey was also adjusted with buffs. He will have higher DPS (damage per second) and his delay for hurting the survivors has been removed. Making the Jockey a force to be reckoned with instead of a possibly useless special infected.

Any of these different changes appealing to people? They sure are adjusting the healing factor down which will make it much harder to stay alive throughout the Versus mode. Put that together with the Jockey buff and now the Special Infected have a much higher chance of killing the Survivors.

Source: Left 4 Dead Blog

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