Kick off the summer right with XBLA deals and titles

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Ok, summer is here… or it has been here for a lot of us, but it seems Microsoft finally acknowledge it as summer and has supplied a list of some deals as well as some new XBLA games and DLC that is released today or in the next week. Check it out below!

There will be a ‘LIVEapalooza’ sale which will begin on July 6th and run until July 12th. This sale basically discounts top music add-ons, covering albums, track packs and songs across a large number of music based games. (Lips, rock band, guitar hero, etc.)

  • Monkey Island™ 2 Special Edition: LeChuck’s Revenge™ (LucasArts)

July 7 | 800 Microsoft Points
A new monkey island game? Can I hear a woot woot! “Woot WOOT!” Good!

  • Blacklight: Tango Down (Ignition Entertainment)

July 7 | 1200 Microsoft Points
This multiplayer first person shooter coming to download on XBLA lets you play with your friends as you fight tomorrow’s conflicts today. Confusing? I bet it is! But it is also peeked your interest!

  • Toy Soldiers “The Kaiser’s Battle” Game Add-On (Microsoft Game Studios)

June 30 | 400 Microsoft Points
A new DLC added to the Toy Soldiers game. Can’t get enough of those Toy Soldiers, hit it up now. It is on the marketplace now. We actually have a review coming out soon, as well as some contests on twitter and facebook. So if you aren’t following us, you will miss out on a chance to win some codes to this DLC.

  • Worms 2 Armageddon Battle Pack Game Add-on (Microsoft Game Studios)

July 7 | 400 Microsoft Points
Worms 2 DLC… better late then never! Gets your worms on!

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