Fallout: New Vegas’ first gameplay shown

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I’d reccomend taking a look at the first trailer for Fallout: New Vegas below, there are so many new features and weapons that it would be difficult to count. Bethesda’s first E3 Trailer for Obsidian’s spin off is definitely going to have the feel of the Fallout we love; including the catchy old music. Still expect to see Fallout: New Vegas this Fall season.


Fallout: New Vegas [PS3] Playstation 3 – FALLOUT NEW VEGAS

Fallout: New Vegas [360] Xbox 360 – FALLOUT NEW VEGAS

Fallout New Vegas [PC] Games For Windows – FALLOUT NEW VEGAS

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  1. There were a lot of explosions in that trailer, lol. Some crazy stuff that they added by the looks of it, and I can’t wait.

    I hope all of the missions have as many outcomes as the first game, that’s the thing I loved most about fallout 3.

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